Profile of the Ideal Applicant

We will provide solutions that reflect our unique capabilities, while always keeping in mind that our contribution is to be based on the concept of “science and kindness”. That is Mitsui & Co. HRD Institute’s approach to all its work.

Eagerness to learn and grow
The ability to create new value through cooperation
The ability to contribute to the growth of people and the organization while always remembering the importance of kindness

Working Environment

Our office has been designed under the concept of “Journey—A Path to Change”. It consists of a “Departure” space, three learning areas, organized under the respective concepts of “Nature,” “Future,” and “Mixture” , and a general “Bazaar” space in which these areas intersect with each other.

A sense of expectation as we start our journey
A sense of elation inspired by encounters and discoveries on our various journeys
Encounters with colleagues who share our intellectual curiosity

The office of Mitsui & Co. HRD Institute will develop human resources capable of driving change.