Recruitment Support

Recruitment Support Services

Mitsui & Co. HRD Institute offers support services to enhance the recruitment capabilities of Mitsui & Co. group companies. We operate a group recruitment site for new graduates, run employment briefing events for group companies, and manage entry applications for group companies.

We also provide assistance with mid-career recruitment, including the operation of group mid-career recruitment websites, and joint recruitment programs for group companies. Please consult us about the ways in which we can work alongside individual companies to address recruitment issues.

Examples of services:

• For recruitment of new graduates
Operation of group recruitment site
Planning and administration of joint seminars for group companies
Management of group entry processes

• For mid-career recruitment
Support for direct recruitment
Operation of mid-career recruitment pages for group companies
Planning and administration of joint recruitment programs for group companies

• Others
Planning support for long-term internships
Planning support for new recruitment methods
Outsourcing of recruitment processes